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Leading organisations today realise the importance of aligning all labour costs, with associated revenue and business profitability. The who, when, where and doing what, needs to be measured effectively and this is where a comprehensive employee rostering/scheduling solution can assist.

By installing labour scheduling software, employees get the tools and operating parameters they need, at every level to deploy resource plans and schedules effectively, while delivering top-down management controls over payroll overhead, overtime, contract staff, absence management and other major cost drivers in the business. Set out below are the key ways that rostering and scheduling technology can help you to drive business performance and efficiency.


Manage, measure and monitor labour costs

Labour is the biggest single overhead in the majority of organisations; yet, it is often overlooked. Employee time is one of your organisation’s most valuable yet costly resources. Employee scheduling software also called eRostering software, enables you to always have easily accessible knowledge of your employees’ time and activities and results in faster decision-making, improved scheduling and better labour cost management, which makes your organisation more productive, efficient and competitive.


Enables you to optimise labour planning and scheduling

Modern eRostering and scheduling solutions go beyond simple online employee scheduling functionality. World class companies today are using sophisticated automated rostering and scheduling solutions to optimise labour planning, scheduling & modelling, respond to union and legislation requirements, track and cost projects and manage planned and unplanned absences.


Gives you real-time management information and reports

Today’s integrated employee rostering solutions build a bridge between the operational and the strategic elements of the organisation. They can bring together management information on employee rosters, hours, attendance, annual leave, sickness, planned absences, preferred shift patterns, skills and movement of employees between different departments/areas of the business.

By having this information centrally, department managers and supervisors can easily create rosters that meet service level requirements and customer demand, while at the same time general management gets a complete and accurate view of the entire organisation.


Offers you a clear return on investment

In order to be successful in today’s competitive business environment, it is essential to find the optimal way to maximise operational efficiency and productivity, and thereby, customer service. Organisations need to find new ways to improve operational efficiency, and thereby gain a competitive edge.

This is where technology has excelled in recent years. eRostering and scheduling solutions can assist with managing the complex balance of workforce supply with customer demand. Without, having the right processes and tools in place, establishing the true cost of labour remains difficult for many organisations. There is no doubt that the implementation of an automated rostering solution offers a clear return on investment for your organisation.

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