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Following on from ‘National Get to Know Your Customers Day’ that took place last week we examine how workforce management systems are employed across many different industries and companies.

Softworks customers span all industries from Healthcare to Hospitality, and from Manufacturing to Retail. Each of many industries has specific workforce management needs. For example, our customers in the Healthcare industry benefit greatly from our eRostering and Scheduling tools, as they can plan for anticipated staff needs.

Below we take a closer look at the various industries that Softworks serves, the companies in these industries and the workforce management solutions that these companies avail of.


Healthcare organisations typically require rostering software that can manage schedules across their entire employee landscape; from nurses and medics to ancillary support staff.  The Bon Secours Health System is one such of these Health Organisations. Bon Secours came to Softworks looking for an eRostering solution that would enable them to manage their complex rostering schedules and shift patterns.

Read the full Bon Secours Health System case study!


In order to effectively manage their workforce, manufacturing firms have the need to record, track and analyse employee time and attendance, manage planned & unplanned absences and manage HR processes.

Aughinish Alumina, Europe’s largest alumina refinery approached Softworks to aid them with three key Workforce Management needs:

– Full visibility of their workforce for key decision-making

– A system that would integrate with their existing HR and Payroll systems

– Automation of all manual processes

Read the full Aughinish Alumina case study!


For large retailers such as our customer Class Ohlson, full employee visibility across all stores is vital. Softworks provided Clas Ohlson with easily adaptable, flexible and automated time & attendance and employee scheduling. Additionally, Softworks delivered custom reporting tools for each individual store.

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In the Hospitality industry, a major challenge facing management is the ever-adapting staff requirement. The Druids Glen Resort needed a workforce management system that could automate manual tasks such as tracking employee attendance and managing planned and unplanned absences. They also required accuracy in the collection and reporting of hours worked for compliance and legislation purposes.

Read the full Druids Glen Resort case study!


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