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Harman technology, a world leader in the manufacture of Black and White photographic film, paper and chemicals has implemented Softworks Workforce Management Software to manage their employee Time and Attendance, Flexitime, Absence and HR Management.

Commenting on the contribution Softworks has made to their organisation, Helen Wellock, HR Project Lead, Harman Technology had this to say:

“We’ve noticed areas for improved productivity immediately through use of the system. It highlighted what we’re paying for overtime, callouts and standby. It’s highlighting how many annualised hours are unused at the end of the year. It will help us drive consistency and fairness across the business.”


Softworks has also allowed Harman to easily manage complex pay rules and reduce the level of manual calculations needed for their payroll:

“I love the fact that no matter what area you’re in, the system understands how you should be paid and when you clock it works it out for us. We have such complex rules and it’s incredible the system can capture this. In terms of manual calculations, it’s removed a lot of the legwork for payroll, so it’s made a massive difference.”


Harman Technology is also seeing benefits from the use of Softworks employee Self-Service App and Helen Wellock commented:

“The feedback from employees has been really positive in relation to clocking in and booking holidays. People who I thought would never want to download an App have downloaded it and embraced it because it’s so intuitive. The Employee Self-Service App takes a lot of the smaller HR tasks away and is really easy to use.”


To find out more about how Harman Technology is using Softworks Workforce Management Software read the full Case Study here.

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