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Fusion Antibodies selects Softworks for Time & Attendance, Flexitime and Leave management as it goes for growth.

Headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Fusion Antibodies provides a range of antibody engineering services for the development of antibodies for both therapeutic drug and diagnostic applications. The company combines the latest technological advances with cutting edge science to deliver new platforms that enable Pharma and Biotechs to get to the clinic faster, with the optimal drug candidate and speed up the drug development process.

With recent expansion due to global demand for its services, Fusion Antibodies began to outgrow the many paper-based processes being used to manage employee time and attendance, absences and flexitime. The company decided to implement a Workforce Management System to automate key processes in these areas, to reduce the amount of administrative work involved and to improve access to real-time accurate employee information.

Commenting on the decision to go to market for a Workforce Management System, Kymn McCullough, Financial Controller, Fusion Antibodies said:

“We had a basic clocking system in place which recorded time clocked in and out but it was very time consuming to extract reports so it was difficult to provide employees with up to date flexitime information. We were using paper forms and spreadsheets to manage annual leave and absences. As the company grew in size, managing a large volume of paper and spreadsheets became impractical. I wanted to streamline these processes to make them easier to manage. I also wanted to provide employees with more accurate and timely information on leave and flexitime.”

After evaluating a number of Workforce Management Solutions, Fusion Antibodies selected Softworks as the software provided the functionality they required while being exceptionally user-friendly.

“We could have just gone to market for a system to manage flexitime only, but if we were going to invest, we needed a system capable of tackling all the different requirements we had. We needed an all-rounder capable of capturing the HR side of things too.”

“Some competitors appeared more complex and didn’t capture flexitime as well as the Softworks system did. To me Softworks appeared very user-friendly.” said Ms. McCullough

Fusion Antibodies chose a cloud-based version of Softworks fully ISO 27001 certified system and is now benefiting from a single completely automated and centralised Workforce Management System covering Time & Attendance, Absences, HR Management, Flexitime and Employee Self-Service.

According to Financial Controller Kymn McCullough “It works for Team Leaders, it works for the Directors and it works for the staff, I think we’re on to a winner!”

To read the full Case Study of Fusion Antibodies adoption of Softworks Workforce Management Solution please click here.

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