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Why do you need workforce management solutions in your business? Well, workforce management solutions is a broad term used to describe a set of tools which companies use to increase efficiency and productivity among their employees. Workforce management solutions provide automated resolutions to many of the common, everyday tasks performed by any organisation’s Human Resources (HR) department.

Softworks workforce management solutions helps companies streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce costs through improved management, scheduling and tracking of labour resources.

There are many benefits to using workforce management solutions to reduce your HR department’s operating costs while increasing the organisation’s efficiency. Below are the top benefits of using workforce management solutions:

1. Eliminate Human Error
When the onus of responsibility rests with humans, there is always a chance of human error, which can lead to lost time and increased discrepancies. Workforce management solutions can reduce the risk of human error and ensure an easy, impartial and orderly approach in addressing specific needs without any confusion.

2. Increase Employee Satisfaction
Scheduling and handling time-off requests are an important part of maintaining a satisfied workforce. When employee satisfaction increases, issues such as turnover may decrease. With automated systems, it is possible to quickly review, approve, and address absence requests and manage planned absences to minimise their effect on your business.

3. Save Time
How much time do you or your HR manager spend each week (or day) trying to make a work schedule? Using workforce management software can save you and your business hours per week so more time can be spent on the human aspect of HR within your corporate environment. As Softworks have a web based system, you can manage tasks wherever you are instead of rushing back to the office.

4. Boost security
Biometric data collection devices (i.e. fingerprint scanners) make it so only an actual employee can clock in and out, which helps eliminate “buddy punching”, the practice of one worker clocking in for another.

What are the benefits of operating your workforce management software in the cloud?

A cloud-based workflow management solution that operates as a SaaS has immediate benefits for both small and big businesses. As the software is a web application, it can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or computer with an Internet connection. Cloud workforce management software merges company data onto a single platform and allows employees to easily handle self-service processes. This helps bridge the gap between departments and allows your company’s HR staff to stay focused on analytics rather than manual tasks.

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Spreadsheets are not very accurate, time consuming, and do not provide useful insights. Your organisation should begin thinking about the better alternative – Softworks workforce management solutions. It is a powerful tool for optimising operational efficiencies, employee satisfaction and ultimately the customer experience. So what are you waiting for, sign up for a free demo with Softworks today!

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