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The Giftland Group of Companies

The Giftland Group of Companies enjoys easier time and attendance management, more efficient employee scheduling and a reduction in HR queries with Softworks

Case Study The Giftland Group of Companies

The Giftland Group of Companies is a prominent Guyanese conglomerate comprising Giftland OfficeMax, The FoodMaxx Supermarket and Giftland Mall (MCG Investments Inc.). Giftland OfficeMax is the largest department store in Guyana offering over 100,000 products across 18+ departments. The Foodmaxx Supermarket is the country’s largest supermarket with over 50,000 product lines. Giftland Mall Is Guyana’s No.1 Mall and the Caribbean’s most diversified shopping experience with over 90 stores. The Giftland Group of Companies employs over 500 employees.

The Solution

The Giftland Group of Companies selected Softworks Workforce Management Software with the following modules:

The Results

Since the implementation of Softworks, The Giftland Group of Companies has experienced the following benefits:

Easier time and attendance management

Automating employee time and attendance management has freed up staff to focus on more important tasks across the organization. Niaz Ally, Business and Technical Project Manager, The Giftland Group of Companies explained:

“Softworks has enabled our company to do so much more for time and attendance. Before implementing Softworks, most of our standard operating procedures were manual, time-consuming, and inefficient. Softworks has automated and digitized most of our SOPs with better accuracy and efficiency. This increase in automation and efficiency has allowed the staff and company to focus on more important work.“

Improved scheduling process

Softworks employee scheduler allows managers at The Giftland Group of Companies to easily create, adjust and communicate schedules across their entire organization significantly improving the employee scheduling process.

“Employee scheduling is a process that has been significantly improved since implementing Softworks. Before Softworks, the schedule was done manually through a very tedious and time-consuming process. The easy and intuitive interface of the employee scheduler has significantly improved efficiency and productivity and greatly reduced the time spent on employee scheduling.”

Elimination of manual payroll calculations

As the Softworks system was configured to manage The Giftland Group of Companies pay rules, it’s no longer necessary for time to be spent on manual overtime calculations.

“We really benefit from Softworks ability to create multiple rules for overtime calculation. Our company is very dynamic and has a wide variety of shifts and policies. Before Softworks, all these calculations were done manually due to the variation of rules for each department. Softworks was able to configure the appropriate rules and automatically calculate overtime for respective departments and staff.”

Reduction in HR queries

The Employee Self-Service (ESS) feature in Softworks has allowed The Giftland Group of Companies to modernize and optimize many of its internal processes, saving time for managers and employees.

“Employee Self-Service is a game changer for the company. Before ESS, our HR team spent many hours responding to information requests from staff and processing absence requests. The Employee Self-Service feature now enables employees to request absences without HR or their manager’s involvement and has reduced the number of queries from employees as they can get the information they need immediately. ”

More efficient employee management

The move to Softworks has had a very positive effect on managers’ working days allowing them to more efficiently manage administration related to employee management such as leave approvals, scheduling and reporting.

“For managers, the automation, calculation, and reporting carried out by the Softworks system makes their work easier and more efficient. ”

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