EBS Building Society Manage Employee Time & Attendance with Softworks Workforce Solutions.


Flexible, easy to use, automated Time and Attendance / Flexitime system stores all the parameters of the Working Time Directive.

EBS Building Society gives time and attendance control and information to staff and line managers

Managing employee time and attendance in a complex working environment is a challenge that many companies face on a daily basis. The larger the company and the more wide spread its departments or offices, the harder it can be to devise an efficient and effective manual system that can cope with all possible scenarios. However, what if it were possible to find a computerised time and attendance system that is very flexible, easy to use and that provides benefits to both employees and employers? EBS Building Society, one of Irelands leading financial institutions, has become the latest institution to choose Softworks Time and Attendance. The Society employs nearly 600 people in 137 offices nationwide. In 1993 the excellence of service provided by EBS Building Society staff was formally recognised with the awarding of the quality mark.

Organisation of Working Time Act

Softworks is flexible and can deal with a wide number and variety of circumstances. It is best suited to the lifestyle of the employees at EBS Building Society and also allows monitoring for the Organisation of Working Time. Softworks allows EBS Building Society to decentralise time and attendance to line managers making internal set up easy, efficient and quick to monitor. In giving information and control to the workforce and line managers, EBS Building Society and Softworks offer total flexibility to the staff and allows them to better suit their own lifestyle. Employees are not the only ones to benefit; EBS Building Society will be able to obtain knowledge and information, previously not available, which will enable them to manage staff more effectively and efficiently. Michele Ryan, Personnel Manager of EBS Building Society commenting on the introduction of the system said, “We chose Softworks because it is the most user-friendly system available. EBS Building Society felt that Softworks Computing Ltd would be easy to work with and we have not been disappointed. Since EBS Building Society chose Softworks”, she concluded “we have found Softworks Computing Ltd to be open to ideas, willing to offer guidance and happy to discuss all scenarios. EBS Building Society is delighted with their choice.”