Support Services

The goal of the Softworks Support Department is; “To create a unique, positive and memorable customer experience, to always be approachable and to actively search out and help customers when they need us most”. We work hard to consistently delight our customers. We provide two forms of support services – Customer Support and Technical Services to ensure that your Softworks Solutions are running at peak performance.

Customer Support

When you invest in Softworks solutions you invest in a dedicated support department ready to answer any queries you have. Our support department consists of a team of highly skilled and trained help desk staff, database administrators, data communications and networking specialists ready to ensure you get the most out of your investment. We

  • Offer advice on choosing and employing the support structures that best suit your organisation
  • Provide field specialists who ensure a smooth implementation in the configuration of your system
  • Help you with planning for future capacity requirements and migration to new solutions, releases and technologies
  • Keep you informed of on-going system software and hardware upgrades and enhancements

In-House Technical Services Development

The complete suite of Softworks Solutions have been designed in-house by our own team of developers. This ensures all customers have up to date product lines as the Softworks’ team can react positively and swiftly to changing trends and technologies. We continually enhance our products by improving and adding new features and modules. Our technical services team ensure that our customers always have access to;

  • The latest features and modules
  • Up to date product lines
  • Easy to use, intuitive and high quality applications
  • A positive reaction to changing trends and technologies
  • Flexible solutions that are tailored to our customers’ requirements


Drive efficiency, increase productivity & save money!
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